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Art of One Dojo Launches New Website!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The Art of One Dojo is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website! Foundationally, this website will serve as an access hub for the martial arts community and a resource for our dedicated audience.

In the first phase of this launch, the Art of One Dojo was migrated our store over to this new platform which allows us to offer a much wider range of products at a better quality than we could before. Branded gear and lifestyle products will be featured in our shop, and while we are starting small, we have several more products in production and the inventory will continue to expand on a regular basis. The products offered in our store are a result of requests from our viewer’s, and we continue to work towards building the experience our audience expects.

The site will also have access to all of our episode catalogs and channel content, so you have the option to watch Art of One Dojo on our YouTube channel or directly on this site!

Additionally, this website now features a blog, which will host text versions of past episodes as well as new exclusive content, including interviews, news, and deeper topic discussions.

We’re just getting started, and in the near future the Art of One Dojo official website will also be a host to a new podcast as well as a community message board.

We are excited about these new interactive opportunities with our members and we look forward to hearing about your experiences and feedback as we usher into the New Year together!

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