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Art Of One Dojo

With hundreds of styles over thousands of years, the martial arts are a perfect culmination of history, warfare, and culture. Whether for defense, competition, rehabilitation, weight loss, character building, discipline, or the desire to learn new culture and history, we all generally seek out the same goal…

to become better versions of ourselves.

The Art of One Dojo is a positive community that highlights the strengths and benefits of different martial arts and ways to overcome the toxicity and politics that can often occur. We explore topics such as the historical origins of different arts, training and lifestyle tips, expert interviews, popular misconceptions, training tools and resources, realistic application, trivia, and martial arts used in media and entertainment.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just beginning your martial arts journey, join Mr. Dan on the quest of building the most constructive online video resource for all martial arts practitioners and enthusiasts.

Click below to visit the channel and we’ll see you on the mat!