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Art of One Dojo in 2023

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

2022 was a transitional year for the Art of One Dojo. We saw great growth and took advantage of several opportunities to take the channel in next and exciting directions. We are continuing those trends and will be expanding content even further. Here is the list of developments you can look forward to seeing on the channel in 2023 (our sixth season):

Expanded interviews

We were fortunate enough to have had to opportunity to speak with some wonderful guests on our show, including Darryl Vidal, Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Speakman, William Christopher Ford, Aaron Cohen, Jesse Enkamp, Richard Plowden, Derek Wayne Johnson, and others that provided incredible insight in the martial arts.

We will be continuing with including more guests, both in historical function, controversial and debated topics, and others just for some plain martial arts awesomeness.

Live Streaming

This year saw the launch of “ART OF ONE DOJO: LIVE”, and we were very pleased with the reception. We love using livestreams to talk about hard topics directly with our viewers and you can look forward to more of these live episodes in 2023.

YouTube Shorts

We also recently launched a series of YouTube shorts, and these will continue to release on a regular basis throughout the next year. Topics will range from historical aspects, abbreviated episodes, new topics, and even some quick technique demonstrations and breakdowns.

More “History of” Episodes

This year was supposed to see the release of “History of Capoeira” as well as Army’s Martial Arts Combative Program. These apparently were side tracked due to scheduling conflicts and channel restructuring, however, they are on the front burner for the New Year. We are also develop additional arts to take introspective looks at, expanding our history series.

Visiting Other Schools

Once upon a time in early 2020, we were producing a series of episodes that would showcase a “Kenpo Guy” (Moi) trying out other arts while visiting other schools. Just as we were about to launch this series, a little something sidelined the entire world and for a year schools shut down.

We are now back in early stages of developing this series in which Mr. Dan AKA the Kenpo Guy, will visit other disciplines and share new perspectives learned, and to test how well Kenpo can blend with other disciplines. I’m planning to get my butt kicked for all of you, so stay tuned for further notice!

The Heroes Circle: Kids Kicking Cancer

In 2022 The Art of One Dojo partnered up with a wonderful charity that uses the martial arts to help children battling cancer cope with their pain, treatments, and anxiety. We spoke to Richard Plowden, their Chief instructor and got an intimate look at their program. You can see the interview here:

In 2023 we want to continue our support of this program with awareness episodes and fundraisers, and perhaps even a YouTube-a-Thon Live Stream fundraiser. This program is important, and truly shows how much of the martial arts is a mental development as much as it is a physical one.

Expanded and Restructured Patreon/YouTube Membership Program

We appreciate our martial arts family more than we can express, especially those of you who support us via Patreon or YouTube membership. This year we are circling back around to revisit our member page and offer more and expanded content as a thank you for those who back us and help keep this mission running.

Even more!

As we forge our way into 2023, we have no shortage of additions coming to the channel. This includes a future community forum on our website, podcast, expanded merchandise, and potential spinoff channels.

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all updates, discounts, and insider looks. Let’s make 2023 a kickass year!

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